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  • Classic Sling
  • Classic Sling

Sex & Mischief

Classic Sling




Ready to get a little wild?  Try Sex & Mischief's classic Sex Sling, making your more creative positions that much easier and satisfying. 

  • Soft fuzzy fabric neckband measures 14”l x 4.25”w and is connected to two fully adjustable nylon leg straps measuring 60”l x 1.5”w.
  • Each package has a QR Code that directs customers to the S&M website offering a conclusion to the bedroom “scenario” and a little video about the product itself

Take everything you have ever thought about S&M and toss it out your voyeuristic window…because this new line from Sportsheets® will redefine the way you view S&M!

In beautifully photographed fashion forward packaging, S&M shows just how sexy, mischievous and playful restraints and blindfolds can really be.

Sex & Mischief makes it sexier than ever for couples to explore their deepest fantasies and experiment with new and exciting sensations. Winner of countless industry awards, Sex & Mischief is the go-to source for young and savvy shoppers.

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